Over the years TechCare has reached out to some great businesses to provide the end user with top notch systems. Our list of partners are a result of many hours of research and constant upkeep. Below are just a few of the great software providers that we use, not only our selves but also for our clients.

What this means for you is that we have a relationship with our partners which we in turn refer to you. As a result you get the benefit of many hours spent sifting through sometimes countless providers and can rest assured that if we sell it, we know what it does.


TechCare is now a proud reseller of mVoice VoIP systems. VoIP is a system that is replacing legacy phone lines with high clarity and heavily reduced prices on your standard phone systems.

What this means for businesses is up to 65% savings on phone calls across the range – calls to landlines, mobiles, international, etc.

For more information please contact us so that we can help you do a cost analysis on existing charges through your standard Telecommunications provider(s) like Telstra, Optus, etc.

mVoice VOIP Approved Partner


Looking for Anti Virus software? We currently have reseller accounts with multiple enterprise grade security providers. Feel free to contact us for a no obligation free quote

  • Sophos

    Looking for Anti Virus software? We currently have reseller accounts with multiple enterprise grade security providers.

    Sophos is a Enterprise Anti-Virus business that takes your security and protection very seriously. Not only do they have a great suite of programs that can be run off a central server to control end user’s computers or tablets, but they provide programs for secure VPN (Virtual Private Networks) and Anti-Spam protection. TechCare uses Sophos on all Server installs to ensure great protection and fantastic ease of use.


  • Avast!

    Avast! is exceptionally good at providing great end user support. Not only are they fantastic at providing highly up to date Virus definitions (information that the scanner needs to detect whether a program or service is malicious) but they provide great add on’s as well.

    For example:

    • Automated software upgrading (like Adobe Reader and Flash, Java, etc)
    • Provide easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface)
    • Audible alerts for alarms or even just letting you know that the latest definitions have been downloaded seamlessly and installed

    Avast! Authorized Reseller


    For home users ONLY please use this recommendation link – Avast! for Home