Hybrid Backup

Hybrid Backup

For years the technicians at TechCare have been confronted with backups. Clients regularly ask “What about backups?” or “Can you recommend a good backup program?” and these are good if not great questions.

Backups are important, very very important. In reality we need to make it as common place as turning on a computer or device, because all the work we do can be lost.

Lets face the truth; This digital world is not slowing down and for most of us all our prized memories or critical home & business data is always at risk of the dreaded error “Not found”. The reasons for this is:

  • Hardware failure – The storage medium, be that an External Hard Drive or USB Thumb Drive or internal Hard Drive, can and will eventually fail.
  • Accidental deletion – We’ve all been there, accidentally deleting the wrong thing, misplacing it while copying or moving it, etc.
  • Virus Outbreak – Targeted viruses that solely corrupt or encrypt your data so that you cannot access it or have to pay a huge sum of money just to get it back.

This is why TechCare has made the process simple. There IS help