• This should be good !!!

    According to this post Perth will get its very own Fiber connection from our lovely city all the way to Singapore. The underwater communication pipe will deliver up to 40Gbps – yes that is GIGABITS per second. It also has the option of being upgraded to 100Gbps into the future. This is great news for Australia […]

  • Issues with Ubiquiti Nanobridge M2 – 2.4Ghz

    Had a interesting experience with my FIRST faulty Nanobridge M2 For those of you who don’t know what it is – the guys over a Ubiquiti are revolutionizing the wireless industry with light weight, high customizable, very fast and easy to setup and maintain wireless access points. They have a range of units that enable […]

  • Projector vs LCD (LED)

    Since my sister got married and moved out I have a 4.2m x 3.5m sized entertainment room that is missing a TV. So my idea is to either purchase this projector = BenQ W1060 from officeworks or buy a 42″ LCD LED Tv probably either a Samsung or LG The projector can make a screen the […]

  • Zimbra – Zarafa – Office 365 – Hosted Exchange

    I run a tiny hosting facility (more of a test facility) that after a few headaches and issues with the ISP (MyNetFone) and with Hardware going south I decided on a different tactic involving reselling hosted services. This brings me to the title of the post where I am currently trying to find a cheap […]

  • Ubiquiti Nanobridge M2 18dbi

    To date I have purchased all different types of Ubquiti wireless gear. If you don’t know who they are check out here. A quick run down is that they make commercial grade wireless solutions; from access points, to sector antennas, to POE network cameras and everything in between. I have purchased a range of their […]

  • Updated to ISPConfig

    Ok so this is what runs on my mail server and doubles as a web server as well. Currently on a budget so I’ve setup virtual machines (virtualbox) on a rather poorly fitted out host. But I digress… So I’ve been putting off upgrading ISPConfig as of late due to nothing better than I just […]

  • iPhone Issues # 2

    So I have been talking with Apple Support over the last couple of days… they seem to think the problem has been resolved but it hasn’t. To recap I have a phone that apparently has been replaced which in effect makes my phones serial inactive and doesn’t allow me to lodge support requests. That is […]

  • Headless torrent program for Debian

    Tonight I was trying to update my Spiceworks Windows XP, but unfortunately it was acting like a dog. Granted its a virtual machine running on a system that should be upgraded but still for having 1 CPU @ 2.4 GHz and 256MB RAM plus plenty of space it should not run so incredibly slow. Well […]

  • SSL Certificates – argh what a nightmare

    I never have tried anything like this before. But the issue now is that my certificates appear to be working on my computer but not on my iPhone or other computers… Go figure huh… Oh well good thing I can ring GoDaddy for free (is there such a thing) I need SUPPORT