• Sophos Shh/Updater-B False positive

    as some may know is arguably one of the worlds leading anti-virus company. Yesterday however Sophos released a system crashing virus definition that has falsely flagged many program’s auto updating files as a virus. The programs affected ranged from accounting software like Quickbooks to the Apple updater, but didn’t stop there. Amusingly (somewhat) their own […]

  • Mobile issues in Perth

    Due to the major storm that we have experienced, a lot of everyday services have been disrupted – Power, Phone, Mobile In regard to the power issue – checkout this LINK In regard to the mobile phone issues (this affects mobile broadband, mobile reception, etc) I have contacted Telstra and they have confirmed that more […]

  • Fix Diablo 3 slow download speed

    Hi guys, So you’ve just purchased online the Diablo 3 game from Blizzard, go through all the standard procedure and thing start to download. But what is this? Speeds of 24kb/s or there abouts… To me that is unacceptable, so I googled and now have compiled a fix. Check HERE on my forum for a […]

  • HTPC – What do I do??

    Keeping a running commentary on my forum to hopefully work out my lack of decisiveness and choose the most beneficial system. Link to my Forum For those of you who don’t know: HTPC = Home Theatre PC I will be running either OpenElec or the full Ubuntu install with XBMC

  • SBS 2008 – Two Domains on Exchange

    So for awhile there I haven’t been able to successfully setup and run 2 domains off the 1 server. All licensing aside, its actually a bit to remember because there is no wizard that does this. In fact you need to do a fair few steps to enable this. One thing to remember is that […]

  • Change of ISP – MyNetFone to Internode

    So for some time we have been with MyNetFone as a Australia Internet Service Provider. Not a terrible ISP but for anyone living in Western Australia they are. Why is this you might ask? Well its because of one simple reason. They don’t have a Point Of Presence in Perth. This means that they tunnel […]

  • Free WiFi – Dome Armadale

    Come on I get “free” WiFi @ McDonald’s with no username and password required just a once off acceptance of the rules. Get to Dome and you need to AT THE COUNTER ask for the WiFi username and password – its free but limited. Who thinks “Oh reserve some memory to the fact that when I […]