• Is your secure site actually secure?

    Security is a multi-billion dollar industry, that many businesses and companies all around the globe invest in. Due to the depravity of mankind almost all online activities require some form of security. From simple username and passwords, to expensive server certificates we use varying security measures to protect ourselves from prying eyes or those who […]

  • Internet going slow? Yes I know

    Slow Internet – Break in Fiber link between Australia to Singapore Are you experiencing slow loading on your web pages outside of the Australasia region? Well its all thanks to the Submarine Fiber Connection that joins Australia with Singapore. Basically this connection is to speed up the data flow between Singapore (and beyond) and Australia. […]

  • Telstra mobile phone booster

    Recently TechCare was contracted to install a 6m mast on top of a client’s roof in Jarrahdale, Western Australia. Previously the client had no reception in the house, due to being situated in a valley. However calls to Telstra put them onto a technician who installed a 1.5m mast on the same roof. However while […]

  • War against SPAM

    G’day all, Unfortunately in the world we live in many people profit from the discomfort and pain of others. In this particular topic of SPAM, its a known fact that there are many different types of way spammer’s collect your hard earned money. This could be be by: Ransomware type viruses… Clicking a simple link […]

  • Avast recommend link

    G’day all, Here is an Avast! Anti-virus Free (for Home use only) link. Please be aware it is a referral link. Avast! is a very good Anti-virus tool set that I have been recommending to my clients/customers for years now. Not only does it stop zero day viruses, if they do end up on your […]

  • Out of country

    To all my clients and customers I regret to inform you that TechCare will be closed for business from the 24th of March 2014 to the 21st of April 2014. However existing clients requiring support please lodge a support request at I will try to get a response to you in 48 hours. Again […]

  • iiNet Exchange settings

    iiNet Exchange settings POP3 Configuring Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 to Connect Mailbox via POP3 Open Outlook. On the Files tab, click Account Settings. The Account Settings window is displayed. The E-mail tab is opened by default showing all your set up e-mail accounts (if there any). Click New. The Add New Account Wizard starts. You are prompted to Choose E-mail Account. Select the Manually configure server settings […]

  • Samba4 – init script

    If you are like me and absolutely love Linux, yes I’m not afraid to say that, then you’ve obviously heard of Samba4 and its fantastic ability to replace Windows Server AD environment. Within a couple of hours I had a completely operational Samba system running that enabled me to: 1) Join the domain – […]

  • How to automate osTicket email retrieval on Linux

    If you are like me and love the simple, elegant but most importantly open source osTicket for all your Support Ticketing needs but hate its lack of documentation to automate tasks look no further. My server running osTicket is Debian based with a Hosting Control panel ISPConfig 3 overlaid.   Now the process is relatively […]

  • ISPConfig 3 version 3.0.5 major relase

    So the highly anticipated – by me – major release of ISPConfig 3.0.5 is set for the end of the week as a Release Candidate, followed by the stable version depending on any bugs. ISPConfig is a control panel similar to cPanel in its ability to easily configure everything you need to host email – […]