• Multiple .VCF to .CSV to .PST

    G’day all, Had a pesky issue today and decided to share for all your sakes. The problem: Convert multiple contacts (VCF) from emClient to Outlook (CSV). emClient exports the contacts folder as either 1 .vcf file with all of the contacts listed within or for each contact 1 .vcf file. Outlook on the other hand only […]

  • Jabra Steel – Firmware update

    Jabra Steel How to update firmware to version 1.20. So I’ve had this bluetooth headset for years. But never really used it because of the complaints from people on the other end of the phone call saying things like: It sounds like you are far away A lot of background noise Hearing my own voice […]

  • Telstra NBN VoIP and Modem woes

    Telstra NBN VoIP and Modem (Netgear V7610) woes Recently some of my clients have been transitioning to the NBN network and choosing to stick with Telstra as the retailer. You read that right. Telstra is NO longer the wholesaler of the backbone network but rather the NBN Co is – see their statement here. This […]

  • Outlook 2016 incompatible with Exchange 2007

    It’s official Microsoft has dropped support for Exchange 2007 or earlier with the latest release of Outlook 2016. This means anyone using Small Business Server 2008 or earlier are also affected because it comes with Exchange 2007, and shows up with a untoward error saying ” “The resource that you are trying to use is […]

  • Wordfence – scan stuck or frozen

    Coming to this post means that you probably have the WordPress plugin Wordfence installed. That is fantastic! I’ve only been using it for a week as of the typing to this post, but my outlook on the plugin is high appreciation. The reason: It’s free – as in air It’s comprehensive – lots of settings, […]

  • Digital Ocean to Binary Lane – High Ping causes split

    For awhile now TechCare has rented a VPS (Virtual Private Server) from a very sleek band of heroes called Digital Ocean. Now they have been very good to me. Fast support, fast VPS, for TechCare’s needs it was a great relationship. So why did you leave them? They seem great! Well it isn’t their fault […]

  • Really nasty viruses

    As the title would suggest there are some terrible viruses going around that really cause some heart ache. These are some really nasty viruses and just in my dealings alone have come across 5 or so people who have suffered from their wrath. Ok so you’ve made me really scared! But what am I up […]

  • Review Gigaset DX800A

    Gigaset DX800A This beautiful sleek gloss plastic device boasts German engineering and a top notch level of sophistication that is available to the general public. It’s a basic PBX system that is very easily setup and configured via the WebGUI interface. Here is a short list of the Pro’s and Con’s to this product. PRO’S […]

  • Is your secure site actually secure?

    Security is a multi-billion dollar industry, that many businesses and companies all around the globe invest in. Due to the depravity of mankind almost all online activities require some form of security. From simple username and passwords, to expensive server certificates we use varying security measures to protect ourselves from prying eyes or those who […]

  • Internet going slow? Yes I know

    Slow Internet – Break in Fiber link between Australia to Singapore Are you experiencing slow loading on your web pages outside of the Australasia region? Well its all thanks to the Submarine Fiber Connection that joins Australia with Singapore. Basically this connection is to speed up the data flow between Singapore (and beyond) and Australia. […]