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Accessing cPanel hosting with SSH Keys

SSH Keys are designed to be very secure. Couple that with a password too and the risk of data breach through brute force log in is very low.

Follow this tutorial to gain secure access to your web hosting via external software. Click on each image to make it larger.


Enter your username and password provided when you signed up for your hosting service.


Scroll or search for SSH Access.


Click on Manage SSH Keys.


Then select Generate a New Key.


Enter an identifiable key name, then a secure challenge password, leave RSA for the Key Type, select 4096 for the Key Size and finally press Generate Key.


Now we need to authorize this key. Click on Manage. Then press Go Back.

Note: You can also use this process to change the authorization later if you want to remove access, but not delete the key.


Select Authorize. Then press Go Back.


Now press View/Download.


Here you have 2 options. Each piece of software uses a different method that you will need to research or ask the developer.

Typically software like Putty uses PPK format. So enter the passphrase created in STEP 5 and select Convert.


Give it a test. Any issues please contact us via our support portal.

For Putty look here

For WinSCP look here

For Nova (Previously name Coda) or any Panic apps look here

Keep in mind that your private key is very important and you need to keep it safe.

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