Review Gigaset DX800A

Gigaset DX800A


This beautiful sleek gloss plastic device boasts German engineering and a top notch level of sophistication that is available to the general public. It’s a basic PBX system that is very easily setup and configured via the WebGUI interface. Here is a short list of the Pro’s and Con’s to this product.


  • Simple deployment – within 5 mins I was registered to my first VoIP provider
  • Simple handset registration – in less then 2 mins I had 2 extra cordless handsets connected and set with default names
  • Amazing clarity – talking over my mobile phone (Sony Xperia Z1 – Honami C6903) sounded worse then the base station handset
  • Simple configuration – quite a few options that are simple to follow and learn as you go, especially loved the option to have different VoIP providers going to different handsets. Also gives the ability to choose which handset can call using which line, plus has the ability of Dial Plans.
  • Bluetooth connection – Not only does this support a Bluetooth headset, but it also supports Bluetooth handset in both directions, see below
  • Sleek design
  • On handset customizability – LCD display allows for configuration straight from the base station itself
  • Low profile
  • Quite a few ringtones
  • Calendar on display


  • Weird beep – when you go to call someone it beeps until the connection is made, no dial tone
  • Terrible location for network ports – this means that if you use (like I did) standard network cables and not highly malleable cables it keeps the devices slightly raised, which is just annoying
  • Buttons aren’t marked – most of the buttons on the device are not marked, which makes it difficult to know what does what without just pressing buttons
  • Expensive for home use, but probably designed for small business

Bluetooth Connection:

This is brilliant.

Basically when you add a Bluetooth phone (have to trust it like normal) it adds that phone as another line. So my VoIP provider is mVoice which is 1 line, Gigaset by default is activated but I turned that off, then the Bluetooth smartphone is another line.

So when you go to attribute lines to the extensions (name is customizable as well) it allows you multiple options and one of them is which line do you want to ring on which extension or multiple extensions. Plus you can also use that extension to call out using the Bluetooth Smartphone.

Cool huh 🙂

If someone could enlighten me how to fix the beep noise used as a dial tone and I got different network cables the DX800A is almost perfect.

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